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Five Spirit Shiatsu

Inner Journeys

David combines shiatsu and acupressure with the magical sound of the yadaki (didgeridu), to take you on a trance-like journey,into the realm of your unconscious.

 Using his knowledge of the meridian system he accesses the spirits of the five elements that, in Traditional Chinese Medicine define our being.

Through this bodywork you will experience a deep sense of relaxation and altered states of consciousness where insights and understandings of deeper aspects of your life can be revealed.


SHEN The Spirit of Fire

SHEN The Spirit of Fire

HUN  The Spirit of Wood

HUN The Spirit of Wood

YI  The Spirit of Earth

YI The Spirit of Earth

PO  The Spirit of Metal

PO The Spirit of Metal

ZHI   The  Spirit of Water

ZHI The Spirit of Water



  • 10AM - 6PM